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Value is the best word to describe Some Strategist. Our first goal is to provide maximum value for you and your business. Additionally, we pride ourselves on being a values-based organization. We make sure we are in alignment with your businesses’ values so we can bring you the passion you deserve. When we work with you, we go all-in, hard and heavy, so we can deliver with love and determination.


A Digital Marketing Service with a difference. Our values are honesty, providing value, kindness and passion.

The environment and well-being of our home, the earth, is also very important to us. 

That is why to a degree, we are kind of an anti-marketing marketing agency. Meaning that we don’t want to endorse mindless consumerism and endless growth. We work with businesses whose products and services bring authentic value to the world—whether it’s through a green or a sustainable business, or adding to collective joy and well-being of all human and non-human animals.

Honesty & Authenticity

Social Media at its core is meant to build relationship. We use this platform to build profitable, long-term relationships where authenticity is key.

Our first value as a business is to be honest. We will always tell you how it is, even if it’ll cost us some business. We treat each customer as an individual and are genuinely invested in seeing you succeed. Honesty from both parties is the only way to build a fantastic collaborative working relationship that’ll help us reach your goals.

Since every business is unique and has different goals, values and budgets, we provide you with a personalized marketing strategy to get to you where you want to go. Your success is always our first priority. That is why we will always suggest and implement strategies that work best for you. We will never try to sell you on ideas we know won’t serve you the best.

Honesty is the best policy—always.

Providing Value & Respecting Values

When we manage your social media or build your website, we want to deliver maximum value for your time and money. We want you to feel like we listened and truly delivered above and beyond on what you expected.

We also want to take providing value one step further. By making sure our work provides value to you and your business, we bring value to your customers as well.

Our objective is to always make sure we respect your businesses core beliefs. When your values are in alignment with our best practices, we can go to work for you and exude passion with everything we output.

Because of this, we may not be the best match for every business. The best results, we believe, are only attained when you fully believe in what you do.

Kindness & Passion

In a world where you can be anything, be kind.

Some Strategist believes in a ‘softer’ way of doing business. ‘It’s just business, not personal’ is something you’ll never hear out of our mouths. Behind every business is a business person, and behind every business person is a wife, a mother, a brother, a caretaker, a survivor…

We believe that adding to collective joy, positivity and treating everyone, first and foremost, with kindness and compassion is the key to a better world. It also is the best way to attain a more successful and sustainable business.

The driving force of Some Social is kindness, delivering value, respecting values, honesty and passion. We are in fact so passionate that we have bags of it to share, to help you build a business of your dreams. OMG, that sounds amazing, doesn’t it?! Can we help you?

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