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Take your business to new dimensions!

With our international flair and big heart—combined with passion to see you succeed—we will help you stand out from your competition.

In other words, Some Strategist is full of ideas and has a big bag of tricks up our sleeves!

Furthermore, we believe in authenticity. Adhering to a long-term strategy, we provide value and cultivate relationships to build a sustainable brand and business. We also believe in positivity and contributing to collective joy to do our part in making this a better world.

What we do

We help small and midsized businesses build profitable relationships with their customers via digital marketing. We are based in Turku, Finland, but operate globally.


Autamme pieniä ja keskisuuria yrityksiä rakentamaan tuottavia asiakassuhteita Digitaalisen Markkinoinin keinoin. Toimipaikkamme on pääasiassa Turku, Suomi ja Yhdysvallat. Tuotamme tehokasta ja erottuvaa Sosiaalisen Median Markkinointia Amerikan tyyliin Suomalaisella ammattiylpeydellä ja rehellisyydellä.

Social Media Management

We provide social media account management and moderation for our clients.  Additionally, our team can handle your entire social media presence. In collaboration with you, we curate and create content in line with your brand.

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Social Media Marketing

Need to increase your visibility, find a new audience or perhaps run traffic to your sales funnel or online store? We create effective and targeted Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns.

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Social Media Strategy

Do you want to handle your social media management and marketing on your own but need a strategy to follow? Take advantage of our social media strategy consulting to give you the tools and intel to take your business to the next level.

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Branding facelifts

Did you have your website created a while back and it now seems a bit ‘yesterday’? Or have you found that your brand’s visual style needs a facelift? We can help you freshen up your image and get you noticed by your target audience.

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Web Design

Looking for a beautiful, functional, responsive and SEO optimized website for your business without getting stuck with a monthly plan? We perform gorgeous web design on the most celebrated platform, WordPress, with a one-time fee, leaving you in control of a new, branded website.

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Visual Content & Content Marketing

Are you stumped on what to post on your social channels to get engagement and build your audience? Or maybe you are great at coming up with content ideas, but have difficulty finding the right visuals to pair with your copy?

 We have the tools, the know-how and the creativity to help elevate your content game.

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Generating New Ideas. truly wanting to see you succeed.

Jonna Wood is a multi-passionate, Finnish-American entrepreneur. It is her curiosity and passion for various industries, work, causes and specialties which gives her a unique understanding and skill set to understand entrepreneurs from different avenues of business. This enables her to innovate the best marketing strategy to match each unique business.

As a highly sensitive person (HSP 15% of population), Jonna is a great listener and picks up on subtleties that go unnoticed by most. This is a fantastic trait for observing market behavior and identifying ways to help your business stand out from the crowd.


Through life lived in three continents, Jonna has cultivated a ‘can do – everything is possible’ attitude. Consequently, she applies this attitude rigorously to her work, getting results and creating new paths for business growth.

Jonna stands for kindness, positivity, creativity and persistence. She is big on creating collective joy and passionate about building a more beautiful world.

Jonna Wood is the creative force, founder, chief of strategy and CEO of Some Strategist—she IS Some Strategist. But Some Strategist is also a network of professionals around the world who can help bring any digital marketing endeavor to its fantastic end goal…because no woman is an island, even though she would love to live on one!

Connect with Jonna:

New brilliant ideas per day

gets excited about things per day

Finds herself funny per day

percentage of time knows what she is doing

Why we are different

We think nothing is impossible. We’re silly and a blast to work with.

We bring American style and ambition to your marketing, spiced up with Finnish integrity and honesty.

But most of all, we listen with sensitive ears to your dreams and aspirations. Next, we give all we got (and then some) to help you and your business succeed.

We look at the social media marketing world a little differently than many digital marketers out there. Through honest, relatable content that matches your voice, we help you find your ideal audience and create long-term success.

For example, did you know that most of the time it is more profitable for you to have a small but highly engaged and raving fan base versus building a huge following quickly using various gimmicks? We believe authentically finding your tribe will take you places you didn’t know existed! By developing and fine-tuning your voice, we help create a strategy for success. We guide you through the marketing efforts needed to reach for the stars!

Finally, we’re especially passionate about equality and women entrepreneurship as well as building each other up!

If succeeding in business while standing out from the crowd with a kind and compassionate voice is what you are looking for, then you are at the right place!

We would LOVE to collaborate with you!


Our Latest Work

Here’s a taste of what we’ve been up to in Finland and United States in the past year or so.
From Our Clients
Don’t just take our word for it, our customers are far better at complimenting us than we are!

Our Sierra Club group has benefitted tremendously of the Social Media and Design help provided by Jonna and Some Strategist. Not only have we grown our member base since we started working with Jonna, but we have also been able to instigate actual change in the community.

Jonna spearheaded a Sierra Club Social Media video campaign. She built the concept, shot and edited the video, created the Facebook ad campaign, managed the active campaign for best results and reported about the results and analytics in the end. The reach and engagement of this campaign were wonderful and we were able to see the results and ROI as we together contributed to actual environmental change in the community.

I have truly enjoyed working with Jonna, she is a conscientious and genuine person who gets very excited about helping others and making the world a better place.

Julie Ferreira

Chair, Sierra Club Nassau County Group, Florida, USA

Jonna osaa asiansa! Lämminhenkinen somekonsultti, joka hahmottaa loistavasti eri somekanavat ja niiden sopivuuden asiakasyrityksen tarpeisiin.

Marleena Haatainen

CEO, Metallivaruste, Finland

Upeat kotisivut rakentuivat nopeasti. Oli hienoa huomata kuinka Jonna osasi tulkita ja toteuttaa asiakkaan toiveet ja visiot. Arvostin rehellistä ja suoraa puhetta jotta saadaan rakennettua asiakasystävälliset sivut. Suosittelen lämmöllä. Tatjana Pihlajamäki

CEO, Juhlasuunnittelu Haave, Tampere Finland

I had been impressed by the results Jonna had got on a local Facebook campaign and wanted to work with her on my election campaign.

Some Strategist built my digital presence from group up, compared to the other candidates I started with zero social media presence. Personally I’m not a big Social Media person but I was able to trust Jonna to listen and understand my point of view and how to create visibility that was in line with who I am. Together we created something that I was not only comfortable with but very excited about. The cooperation was effortless and I was able to see the advantages and results of our project ; In fact with Jonna’s help I won the  election.

I would recommend Some Strategist and Jonna in a heartbeat.

Chip Ross

City Commissioner, Florida, USA

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